Wood Veneers

What is Wood veneer?

Wood veneer is a very thin slice of wood, usually less than 3mm, which has been chosen for its detail or surface character. Bespoke furniture can be made entirely of veneers, or as a combination of solid wood and veneer.

What can you do with wood veneer?

Wood veneers usually exhibit exceptional beauty and character in the pattern  and grain detail. They are often used on the most visible surfaces of furniture and can be easily shaped to produce intricate inlay details.









Plus many more including brightly coloured veneers such as dyed tulipwood.

Wood veneers are creatively very interesting to work with and can give you all manner of rich and unusual looks. Get in touch if you’d like to see samples of the wood veneers available.

Why choose wood veneer?

Wood veneer has always played an important role in furniture making. High quality veneers have  the same visual appeal as hard wood, yet they tend to be easier to work. Which is why when you see antiques with intricate in-filled designs they are likely to have been done with wood veneers.

Is solid wood better than wood veneer?

The truth is that both are extremely durable and can look spectacularly good. While solid wood is strong, wood veneers allow for more intricate patterning or detail across larger surface areas such as multi-media walls or boardroom tables. Here are some examples of commissions we’ve undertaken, which have included wood veneers.

Why choose Colinton?

The longest serving member of our team (22 years) is a wood veneer specialist. Rest assured there are few other companies around with as much working knowledge of veneers as we have. Why not bring us your ideas and find out what we’d suggest?