Bespoke materials

Whenever we offer advice on materials to our clients we do so on the basis that it’s what we would choose to do in our own homes with the same requirements.

During the design process of creating your bespoke furniture, our team combine their experience and talent to present you with options using the most suitable materials available. Ensuring the materials used for your commission are nothing less than exactly what you want.

The finest materials

Our materials are sourced from trusted suppliers. All our hardwoods are FSC certified from sustainable forests, and we are members of the Corian Quality Network.

The highest standards of quality control

You’re welcome to visit our workshop at any time, and when you do you’ll see our craftsmen examining each piece or wood or veneer with expert eyes. Only the finest grade A materials are good enough to carry the Colinton name.

Call us old-fashioned but we want you to feel such pride in your commission that you’ll want to show it off to friends and family. 


Just like a tailor made suit, bespoke or custom-made furniture is made exactly to your specifications using your choice of finest natural materials, with all the distinguishing feature you desire

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