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Who buys bespoke furniture in the UK?

Our clients come from many different areas. We work with:

Private clients

Interior designers


Office fit-out contractors

Building contractors

Hotel operators


Scottish Parliament

Universities and Colleges

Why choose bespoke furniture over mass produced furniture?

With mass-market furniture you’re always going to be limited to the sizes, colours and styles available, whereas with bespoke furniture you have the opportunity to decide exactly what colour, shape and size your piece of furniture will be. You will own something no one else has, a completely unique piece made to suit your tastes and home.
At one time, all furniture was made by hand using the talents and traditional skills of a time-served cabinet-maker. During the 1950s mass production took hold and consumers wanted quicker, cheaper products. Everything from coffee tables to kettles became part of a more throwaway culture.
Today we are seeing a reversal in that trend. Bespoke furniture is having something of a renaissance. Many of our clients are looking for something of a much higher quality than is available off-the shelf. Something solid, handcrafted with strong joints built to last.
Bespoke furniture takes time to make and tends to be more expensive, but the result can be moved from house to house, appreciated for years and even passed down through the generations.

How much does bespoke furniture cost?

A piece of bespoke furniture is made using the skills of a trained craftsman. That man or woman has served years as an apprentice, learning at the hand of a master craftsman. These craftsmen are part of a rich British tradition of furniture making and they invest great care and pride in their work.
That care and pride is what sets a piece of bespoke furniture apart from the run-of-the mill flat-packs rolling off the production lines of factories.
A large percentage of the cost of handcrafted custom-made furniture is not in the material cost, but the labour or time of the craftsman. The price will depend on the size, complexity and detail you require. If you set a clear budget at the start of the project, you’ll find there are often many creative ways to achieve the look you want for the budget you have.

What should you consider when buying bespoke furniture?

-Is quality more important than price? -Is individuality important to you?
-Do you have an unusual space or specific dimensions to work with?
-Would you like to customise or personalise your furniture in some way?
-Would you like to choose the materials to suit your interior design?
-Are you looking for something that will be around in 50 years time?
-Would you like the reassurance of knowing you’re dealing with highly experienced professionals?
-Do you need advice to take your ideas to the next level?
-Would having full control of every aspect make life easier?

130 years of experience

With over 130 years of experience it’s likely we have experience of completing a project just like your. Take a look at our the high quality work we have completed for previous clients.

Office support

Dedicated office support is available during office hours so you can contact us any time with questions or queries.

Open door policy

Why is knowing the budget at the outset so important?
Making handcrafted furniture is a creative process. Like all creative acts there are many different ways you can take a project. Many creative decisions have to be made at each turn about the complexity of the design, the selection of materials and nature of the finish, not to mention additional detailing. When you give a creative business a budget at the outset you give them boundaries for their thinking. Contrary to what you might believe, these boundaries actually allow the very best ideas to shine through. Ideas which will overwhelm you with their creativity and not their cost.

Why do you have a specialist installation team?

Our skill and attention to detail doesn’t end when the final commission leaves our workshop. After all, until you are 100% happy with your new piece of furniture the job is not complete. Our site installation team all all time-served cabinet-makers themselves. They understand the care and attention which has gone into every dovetail joint, every carefully banded edge. They exercise great care when working, can anticipate any likely snags before they happen, and always clear up behind them so you are never anything less than 100% delighted with what you see.
Our open door policy means you can pop in any time to talk to us, or see your commission taking shape.

Quality control

Our rigorous in-house quality control checks and step-by-step process guarantees you a journey from concept design to site installation that’s as smooth as can be.

Do we cover your area?

We successfully install projects across the UK.