Here at Colinton Furniture we work on hundreds of custom-made bespoke furniture projects each year with interior designers, private clients and commercial fit out contractors.

One of the most common questions we are asked is “How much will it cost?”

Cost is bound to be a deciding factor, and so to make it easier for you, we’ve pulled together some top line guidance here on this page.


Private Clients

Here are some questions you may be asking yourself:

  • How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?

  • What is the cost of a home office?

  • How much does a built-in wardrobe cost?

  • What is the price of a bookcase?

  • How much will a wall mounted media unit cost?

Whether it’s a beautiful bespoke kitchen or a handcrafted home office we know that what you’re looking for is the ‘wow’ factor. However, the secret is making sure the ‘wow’ is affordable.

With all creative processes it’s good to start with a budget in mind. It means that no time is wasted producing designs that are either too basic or too elaborate for your budget. You may love a design but it’s no good if it’s more than you were hoping to spend.



Interior designers who regularly seek our advice understand that instead of providing a client with a budget based on a ‘guestimate’ it is more sensible to come to us first with concept drawings or mood boards.

We’ll help you develop accurate initial budgets, and if over budget you can return to us to look at more cost effective materials or a simpler design that is less labour intensive to build. At Colinton Furniture we know you’re working in the best interests of your client and we’ll do everything we can to protect the confidence your client has in you.



As a commercial fit out contractor you are probably tendering multiple projects every month, which you need to run quickly and smoothly.  You can depend on our estimating team to provide you with keen pricing at every stage of the tender.

In addition we strive to provide you with priced variations on a weekly basis so you can confidently prepare an accurate monthly cost control report for your client.
Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you.  After all, as you grow we grow.

What can increase the cost of bespoke furniture?

  • A complicated design

  • Labour time

  • Cost of materials

  • Accessories

  • Delivery distance

  • Time required to install (simple or complex)

More expensive materials can add to the cost, but it’s most likely to be increased labour time that will add to the price. Bespoke joinery is labour intensive, simple designs, no matter how unusual, will always cost less than more complex sizes or shapes.

By giving us a guideline budget at the outset you will gain the maximum from our knowledge. For example, there are many ways to create a wonderful walnut desk; all parts can be solid walnut, a combination of solid wood and veneers, or solid wood, veneers and less expensive materials can be used for the inside drawer mechanisms. Each option can be carefully tailored to retain the overall look and feel, at different budget levels.

Our team can work either directly with you, or with your Interior Designer to:

  • Meet with you to discuss your project and review any photos you like.

  • Review the flow of your home to give you suggestions on the best options.

  • Measure up your home.

  • Create a list of your requirements.

  • Produce initial design ideas for your review.

  • Carefully create CAD drawings to allow you to visualise your project.

Why choose Colinton Furniture?

  • With over 130 years of experience it’s likely we have experience of completing a project just like your. Take a look at our the high quality work we have completed for previous clients.

  • Dedicated office support is available during office hours so you can contact us any time with questions or queries.

  • Our open door policy means you can pop in any time to talk to us, or see your commission taking shape.

  • Our rigorous in-house quality control checks and step-by-step process guarantees you a journey from concept design to site installation that’s as smooth as can be.

How do I find out an exact cost?

Tell us more about your project so we can fully understand your needs.

Whether you bring us your mood board, a concept drawing, or a tender document we will work with you to create an accurate cost for your project using the best materials and develop an installation programme. Call or contact us today.

Do we cover your area?

We successfully install projects across the UK.