Bespoke Furniture


Just like a tailor made suit, bespoke or custom-made furniture is made exactly to your specifications using your choice of finest natural materials, with all the distinguishing feature you desire.

At one time, all furniture was made by hand using the talents and traditional skills of a time-served cabinet-maker. During the 1950s mass production took hold and consumers wanted quicker, cheaper products. Everything from coffee tables to kettles became part of a more throwaway culture.

Today we are seeing a reversal in that trend. Bespoke furniture is having something of a renaissance. Many of our clients are looking for something of a much higher quality than is available off-the shelf. Something solid, handcrafted with strong joints built to last.

Bespoke furniture takes time to make and tends to be more expensive, but the result can be moved from house to house, appreciated for years and even passed down through the generations. 

Bespoke materials

Whenever we offer advice on materials to our clients we do so on the basis that it’s what we would choose to do in our own homes with the same requirements.

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Bespoke materials