What is Corian?

Corian is the brand name for a solid surface material created by a company called Dupont in 1967.  Originally conceived as a kitchen and bathroom material Corian first went on sale in 1971 in only one colour.  Today, there are over 100 colours and every year over 100 clients ask to use Corian in their home and office projects in Scotland, England and Wales.

What can you do with Corian?

There are literally 100’s of uses for Corian. Here are some of the common ones.

Corian in the kitchen

Corian in the bathroom

Corian in the office

Corian in retail

Corian in hospitality

Corian in hotels

Corian furniture

Corian lighting solutions

Corian external cladding

Why choose Corian?

Corian is:


Stain resistant

Seamless: In the fabrication process, joints can be made invisible by joining the relevant pieces with Corian's own colour-matched two-part acrylic epoxy. The pieces are clamped tightly together in order to express any excess adhesive. After the adhesive dries, the area is sanded and polished to create a seamless joint. This seamless appearance is a signature characteristic of the material.

Repairable and renewable: Cuts and scratches can be buffed out with a Scotch-Brite pad or orbital sander.

Thermo formable: Flexible when heated, Corian can be shaped and moulded into generally limitless forms which can be used in commercial and artistic projects through a process called thermoforming.

Heat resistant: Corian is heat resistant up to 100 °C (212 °F), but can be damaged by excess heat. DuPont recommends the use of trivets when the material is ins talled in kitchens.[15]

Scratchable: Corian can be scratched, with scratches particularly noticeable on darker colours. However, they can be sanded and buffed if necessary to achieve that flawless look again.

Why chose Colinton?

Colinton Furniture is a member of the Corian® Quality Network, a network of fabricators and suppliers trained to help consumers, architects, and interior designers extract the highest value from the performance and properties of Corian®.              

Dealing with a member of the Corian® Quality Network means you can count on state-of-the-art training and knowledge in terms of fabrication and installation.

At Colinton Furniture we are developing a strong name as a Corian centre of excellence where we not only fabricate pieces of Corian into bespoke furniture, but also provide guidance to Interior Designers and private clients on best practice design for one-off pieces.