Reception Desks

Your unique reception desk

Colinton Furniture have made reception desks for law firms, museums, government buildings and businesses across Scotland. As a first point of contact, the materials you use for your reception desk and the nature of the design can send powerful messages about your brand or business. 


Different types of bespoke reception desk

 Modern, traditional or industrial

A wide variety of shapes

Incorporating logos and lighting

Wide variety of materials from wood to veneers and Corian.

Bringing your reception desk to life (what we can do)

Here are some of the questions you might want to think about before your initial design consultation:

Have you seen any styles you like? (In magazines, or on Pinterest)
What layout and space are you working with?
Practicalities – how will the desk be used?
What layout and space are you working with?
Do you wish to hide or incorporate any multi-media cables?
Are there any computers or printers that need to be incorporated?

While this may be your first commission, rest assured Colinton Furniture have been designing and building purpose-built conference and boardroom desks for many years. Read more about how we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way. 

Materials we use

The possibilities are endless. Here are some of the many materials we have the skills to work with:

Solid wood


Creative materials and more.



Glass (any colour)



Ask us to show you samples and the vast array of colours. You may be surprised how many exciting options  there are.

Finishing Touches

Not only do you have the choice of what materials you use, but you can also decide what finishing touches you want to put on your bespoke reception desk. The list below is just a guide to some of the finishes you can add to your bespoke reception desk:

LED Lighting

French polishing

Full finish


Media outlets included

Other matching furnishings for the room

Creative elements such as TBC