Who we work with

Colinton Furniture is proud to have an interesting and diverse portfolio of clients. Many of whom we’ve worked with over not just the years, but the decades! We work with interior designers, with commercial contractors, and directly with private clients on commissions of all scales and magnitude.

Interior designers

Our team love a creative challenge. In the pursuit of perfection they’ve become masters at solving problems without compromising the integrity of an overall idea or vision.

Private clients

More and more people are discovering that bespoke furniture can be an incredibly satisfying way to add value and character to their home. Whether it’s a home office, custom-made bookcases or handcrafted window seat, we can help you create something that is nothing short of precisely perfect.


Colinton Furniture has an 18 strong team and a workshop combining state-of-the-art CNC capabilities and traditional craft tools and skills. We can confidently take fit out projects and contracts of any scale from under 10K, to complex projects exceeding £200K.


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