Your unique kitchen

Today kitchens are very much social spaces where families come together, friends are welcomed and troubles shared. Arguably the kitchen is the most important room in the home. Which is probably why it’s so pleasing to gaze at handcrafted units and worktops made exactly to your style and specifications.

From design to installation we guarantee you nothing short of exceptional attention to detail. You can use Colinton Furniture to manage your whole kitchen installation or ask us to provide one aspect, such as the worktops or cabinets. It’s up to you.

Different styles of handcrafted kitchen available

Modern, traditional, farmhouse, Mediterranean or industrial style

Hand-built or open plan units

Handcrafted kitchen islands

Varying shapes including L shape, horseshoe, and peninsular.

Bringing your kitchen to life

Attention to difference

The design stage is crucial. This is where the clever ideas come to life. Ways to hide ugly appliances, increase your worktop space, perfectly plan your storage. Our team will listen intently to how you use your kitchen before they even put pen to paper.

Here are some of the questions you might want to think about before your initial design consultation:

How do you use your kitchen?
Have you seen any styles you like? (In magazines, or on Pinterest)
What layout and space are you working with?
Any specific finishes you have in mind?
What kinds of storage would be useful?
What would you like to hide?
What size appliances do you need to work around?
What would make the design exciting for you?

The finest materials

Our master craftsmen are time-served cabinet-makers trained in traditional techniques such as mortise and tennon and dovetail joint. They know exactly how to get the best from every piece of solid timber.  And because we invest so much time at Colinton Furniture in working with new materials like Corian, they also know how to combine the finest natural materials with other surfaces like quartz, marble and glass.

While this may be your first commission, rest assured Colinton Furniture have been designing and building handcrafted kitchens for many years. Read more about how we’ll guide you through the process every step of the way.  

Materials we use

The possibilities are endless. Here are some of the many materials our craftsmen can work with:

Solid wood



Glass (any colour)


Laminated MDF


Creative materials

Ask us to show you samples and the vast array of colours. You may be surprised how many exciting options there are.

Finishing Touches

Not only do you have the choice of what materials you use, but you can also decide what finishing touches you want to put on your bespoke kitchen. The list below is just a guide to some of the finishes you can add to your bespoke kitchen:

LED Lighting

French polishing

Full finish


Other matching furnishings for the room

Creative elements such as TBC