Our Philosophy

No less than exactly what you want

Buying a piece of furniture or joinery that has been made for a particular space or room has a very definite sense of satisfaction around it. But why is that?

It’s probably because you buy a mass-produced piece of furniture it’s not always what you want. Not the right size, the right colour, or anything out of the ordinary.

We’ve spent over 133 years creating beautifully bespoke furniture. By taking the time and care to listen we can begin to shape a design that will be so much more than ordinary.

How do you use the room?

What styles do you like?

What overall look are you going for?

What materials are you drawn to?

Have you seen anything in a magazine or on Pinterest that gives a sense of what you would like to create?

At Colinton Furniture we believe it’s our ability to truly listen to our customers needs that sets us apart. Call us perfectionists, but we want you to gaze at your custom-made piece for years to come, happy in the knowledge it is nothing less than perfect.