The Experience

The Experience

Creating a piece of bespoke furniture is a journey to be enjoyed. Whether you’re commissioning work on behalf of a client, or investing in a handcrafted piece of furniture for your home. There is enormous satisfaction to gained from bringing something entirely original into existence

Unlimited options

 Every item we create is precision engineered to your exact specifications and requirements. Whatever the source of your inspiration we’ll help you move forward from mood boards, magazine clippings or measurements and ideas to making your plans a reality.


  • Our first consultation will be as much a creative brainstorm as it will be a conversation. You’ll meet with one of our designers who will be an excellent sounding board for your ideas, your preferences towards colours or materials, as well as what you like or don’t like. In turn, they’ll share with you their knowledge of what could work and what materials might suit your room or space. Feel free to show rough sketches, images from blogs or magazines to help us understand exactly what you want.

  • This initial meeting can be arranged here at our offices in Musselburgh where you can meet the wider team and tour the workshop, or in your home or business if you prefer.

  • Often clients remark how much they enjoy this part of the process as our expertise invariably opens up new avenues for consideration or produces excellent workarounds for tricky or limited spaces.

  • Budget

    Often clients remark how much they enjoy this part of the process as our expertise invariably opens up new avenues for consideration or produces excellent workarounds for tricky or limited spaces.

  • Exact measurements

    The benefit of having a clear budget from the outset cannot be underestimated. This allows you to use the full benefit of our experience to maximise the best use of resources for your budget, rather than run the risk of being disappointed that initial designs are either too expensive or a pale imitation of what you desire.


  • Draft CAD drawings

    Our design team will then use the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to create basic CAD drawings of your design. You can ask to see more than one idea, options on specific details or a choice of finishes. Each one will be accompanied by an initial estimate.

  • Reviewing and refining the design

    The aim of this meeting is to refine the design. It’s an opportunity to understand the drawings more fully, to ask questions and see samples of the materials you’d like to use. Once the basic CAD drawings are approved an accurate 3D CAD design is produced for your approval. At this stage we can advise you of the costs in more detail and the likely timescales.


  • Mass produced furniture satisfies the need for something now - and is often a good ‘it’ll do’ solution. However, the time invested in commissioning a custom-built item will pay dividends for years.

  • It’s difficult to say how much a bespoke bookcase or boardroom table will take to make because of course it depends entirely on what you’ve chosen. However, as a rough guide you can expect the build process to be somewhere between four and ten weeks.

  • Your design will be set out as component parts before each different element is made, fixed together and finished in our workshop. Within the workshop we have the capabilities to do edge-banding, polishing and highly efficient cut out shapes and patterns using our state-of-the-art CNC machine.

  • No one’s expectations are higher than ours. Our in-house quality control checks at every stage mean ‘snagging to perfection’. You’ll also receive regular updates on the progress of your commission throughout.


  • Our installation team are as dedicated to perfection as our craftsmen and will stay until the job is as you want it to be. Overseen by an Installation Manager throughout we believe absolute transparency is the best policy at all times. On the rare occasion we do hit a problem during installation we will keep you abreast of any issues or obstacles throughout. We only walk away when you are 100% happy.


  • Perhaps the most satisfying and enjoyable part of the journey – that quiet moment when you can sit back and appreciate the new addition to your home or office. Especially knowing that you have created something truly original that will look better with every passing year.