Scottish Home Improvement Awards: Our Experience and Becoming Scotlands Best Furniture Company 2017


Scottish Home Improvement Awards: Our Experience and Becoming Scotlands Best Furniture Company 2017

Danielle Walton

Scottish Home Improvement Awards: Our Experience and Becoming Scotland's Best Furniture Company 2017
 Something amazing happened to us as a Company.
On Friday 16th June 2017, the Scottish Home Improvement Awards (SHIA) named Colinton Furniture as… Scotland’s Best Furniture Company 2017! I know right?! Our awesome team of men and woman WON!
I still can’t quite believe it. I am still pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

Let me paint the picture for you…

Dennis, Catherine (Dennis’ wife), Amy and I all headed to Glasgow. Off to the grand ball, we went. Well, maybe not a ball, but an awards dinner at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel. It was the Scottish Home Improvement Awards Dinner. Something we had been working towards for almost 4 months. All of us were dressed in full glam gear (after all it was a Black Tie event). We were all so excited, yet nervous as we didn’t quite know what to expect.
Colinton Furniture Team - Scottish Home Improvement Awards 2017
When we arrived I went to check where we’d be sitting. To my dismay, I noticed our table was right at the back of the room… The thought of having a table at the back was a terrible sign ran through my head. We sat down and introduced ourselves to the other finalists on our table. The wonderful team from Callum Walker Interiors.
I flicked through the Gala Final Programme to see when we were up. Our category was the second one to be announced. So at least we didn’t have to wait for long to find out our fate. The event started with John Amabile, our host, taking the stage. Followed by a short talk from Warren Paul, CEO of Scottish Home Improvement Awards. And Caroline from Callum’s Cabins, the event Charity Partner.

Then the awards began..

And it soon was our category. Best Furniture Company. 10 of Scotland’s best. They run through a list of all the finalist and started us off with the Runner-Up… “The runner-up is… Steven Burgess Fine Furniture“. We applaud yet inside my heart has sunk. I mean I never expected us to win, so runner-up would have been great. The team at Steven Burgess Fine Furniture go up to collect their award and we all sit nervously waiting.
John Amabile was going to announce the winner… “And the winner is…” All of us were deadly quiet. “Colinton Furniture“. Surprise, amazement, happiness, and proudness were only some of the emotions I felt. Then everything morphed into pure joy. I looked to Dennis and Amy and it’s clear they were feeling the same way. We were all on our feet (screaming) heading to the stage to collect our award. Went on stage, got the trophy. Got a quick kiss on the cheek from John Amabile (blush). And then off we went to get our photos taken.
Colinton Furniture Team - Scottish Home Improvement Awards 2017 - Best Furniture Company Winner 2017
As we headed off to get our photos taken the three of us still couldn’t quite believe what happened… We just WON Scotland’s Best Furniture Company. The Cheshire cat smiles on our faces couldn’t get any bigger. We were over the moon. And still are!
As soon as we got back to our table we let the entire team know. Thanking them for all their hard work. Our guys are hands down the best. They work passionately every day to make great furniture. And we wouldn’t be where we are without them.
The rest of the night was a whirlwind of food, prosecco and great company! I am sure the other winner’s felt the same.

So, What are the Scottish Home Improvement Awards (SHIA)?

SHIA celebrates and rewards excellence all across the Home Improvement Industry. It’s been running since 2015 and every year it becomes more popular and more prestigious. With over 400 business owners and teams attending this year’s event. It is clear that SHIA is one of the industry’s best awards for recognition.

So How does SHIA work?

It starts with companies from every part of Scotland applying for their chosen categories. The first stage is getting your customers to vote for you! It’s all down to your customers to see whether or not you will advance. After that, the companies with most votes are shortlisted as the top 10 companies in each category. Then the real work begins.
Each of the 10 companies in every category has to complete a questionnaire, write a personal statement, and show examples of work they have done. In the statement each of them must address:
  • Who they are as a company
  • What kind of work they do
  • Why they are different from the other finalists in their category
  • Why they think they should win
And you have to do this in a maximum of 500 words… It’s not an easy task. 500 words to convince someone to like you. And ultimately pick you over 9 other companies to win. The judges then review each company and decide upon a winner.
All the finalists in each category are invited to the Awards Gala Dinner. This is when all the Winners and Runner-Ups are announced.

Who are the Key People Involved in SHIA?


Warren Paul, CEO, SHIA

Warren Paul, CEO, SHIA


John Amabile, Interior Designer, SHIA Host

John Amabile, Interior Designer, SHIA Host

Caroline Speirs, Charity Partner, Callum's Cabins

Caroline Speirs, Charity Partner, Callum’s Cabins


What are the Categories, the Runner-Ups, and the Winners?


Best Building Contractor

Runner-Up: Balmore Construction
Winner: MacDonald Builders

Best Furniture Company

Runner-Up: Steven Burgess Fine Furniture
Winner: Colinton Furniture (yay!)

Best Joinery Firm

Winner: Craiglockhart Contracts

Best Roofing Contractor

Winner: Deeside Roofing

Best House Builder

Winner: Miller Homes

Best Bedroom Company

Winner: DM Designs

Best New Business

Winner: Rejuven8 Repairs

Scotland’s Best Architect Practice

Runner-Up: Hazel J L Smith Chartered Architects
Winner: Karen Parry Architect

Scotland’s Best Local Advertising

Winner: Wholesale Domestic

Scotland’s Best All Trade

Runner-Up: Mearns Builders
Winner: John Mutch Building Services

Scotland’s Best Conservatory/Outbuilding Company

Runner-Up: TGB Sheds
Winner: Elite Garden Rooms

Scotland’s Best Interior Design Company

Runner-Up: Corrinne Muir Interiors
Winner: Four Dots Design

Scotland’s Best Landscaping Company

Runner-Up: Cutting Edge Landscape Gardeners
Winner: Briarlea Landscapes and Driveways

Scotland’s Best Window & Door Company

Winner: The Nu-Window Company

Scotland’s Best Building Supply Company

Winner: Bellside Building & Timber Supplies

Scotland’s Best Electrical Contractor

Runner-Up: Daniel Gardner Electrical Contractor
Winner: Brian Marshall Electrical Services

Scotland’s Best Plumbing & Heating Contractor

Runner-Up: SRC Plumbing & Heating Engineer
Winner: LW Haddow Plumbing Heating and Electrical

Scotland’s Best Bathroom Company


Scotland’s Best Kitchen Company

Runner-Up: Kitchens International
Winner: Silver Birch Interiors

Scotland’s Best Flooring Company

Runner-Up: Brodie Flooring
Winner: First Floors

Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

Awarded to: Damian Walters, CEO, BiKBBI

What does this Award mean to Colinton Furniture?

This award is a huge step forward for us. It’s the recognition that our team deserved.
We had a difficult start to the year as a team but winning Scotland’s Best Furniture Company really brought us all together. It showed that what we do do is great, and our customers love that!
Our trophy now sits proudly in our Reception Area with the occasional “oscar” acceptance speech being practiced…
Scottish Home Improvement Awards 2017 - Party

Similar to “Where’s Wally”, Where’s Amy and Danielle?!

Overall it was a night of nerves, fun, and achievement. Here’s to next year!
Fancy having a chat with our award winning team about your furniture requirements? Contact us here!
Much love,
Danielle x
Scotland's Best Furniture Company 2017 - Colinton Furniture
Danielle Walton