4 Things that will dictate the Cost of Your Reception Desk (Cost)


4 Things that will dictate the Cost of Your Reception Desk (Cost)

Danielle Walton

One of the questions I am most often confronted with when meeting with a Reception Desk shopper is: How much does a Reception Desk Cost? What will affect the Price of my Reception Desk?

Now this is definitely a very important question to ask whether it’s for a private client or a contractor. In this article I have listed the 4 main areas that will directly affect the cost of your Reception Desk.

So how do you get an idea of how much your Reception Desk will cost? Well to start, I suggest you always address these 4 key areas.

1. Your Reception Desk Design

The design of your reception desk plays a big part in your final price. Now this isn’t because the actual design is expensive – as most companies will offer this inclusive in their price. But because the more intricate your design is the more its going to cost you in the long run.

One thing you should bear in mind is that although companies don’t charge a design fee, the designs they created belongs solely to that company. So you can’t take one design and bring it to a different business to build. However, for whatever reason if you do decide you want someone else to build your design, they will usually charge you for the hours spent.

Of course you will get companies who are specific to design, like Interior Designers, and will charge you more because that’s their specialty.

It’s pretty simple really… If you get a very complicated design that is filled with lots of different components, more time will need to be spent on it, more materials will need to be used and ultimately the more it’s going to cost you.

Now this doesn’t mean you should compromise on the design you want. By working together with your designer and company you come up with ways to get the same design for a lower price. Although this may mean using cheaper materials…


Design Changes During Production

The last thing about design that can dictate the price of your Reception Desk is design changes during production. So lets say you have finalised your chosen design and it is then began in production… Then you decide to change the colour, the material, or even the handles for doors… This can halt production until the changes are finalised.

Changes are sometimes things that people cannot help. But they will impact the time and the cost of your Reception Desk.

So you’re best to be as educated as you can be and be absolutely certain on what you want before you decide to manufacture your Reception Desk.

2. Materials for Your Reception Desk

This one is pretty self-explanatory; some materials cost more than others.

For example a very common material to use for a Reception Desk is Corian. It’s probably becoming one of the most popular choices these days. However it can be more expensive than other solid surfaces such as Staron, Kreon, Hi-Mac, and Avonite… This is because Corian is the original solid surface which in my opinion has a slightly higher quality.

If you have decided to go with a combination of different materials it can also impact the price. Generally it can make your Reception Desk more expensive, but not necessarily… If you’re opting for a cheaper material it could potentially lower the cost.

However you do still have to weigh in the different labour costs. For example if you’re going for a Corian Reception Desk with a Veneered Wooden Panel. This job would require two different specialists, a Corian worker, and a Veneer specialist. This means it would increase the total labour hours, materials, and ultimately your cost.

The final way that materials can affect the cost of your Reception Desk is “the better the quality, the higher the cost”. This is kind of a general rule when it comes to materials. The higher the quality you want means the more you will pay.


3. Size of Your Reception Desk

Size is probably the most significant aspect that can dictate the cost of your Reception Desk. It ultimately depends on the size you need, or the size that can fit your available space. So yes, size really does matter when it comes to cost.

In simple terms, the bigger your Reception Desk is the more materials will be needed, and the more time will be spent making it which means… more cost.

The size of your Reception Desk is directly relational to the cost; a smaller Reception Desk will cost less than a larger one.

4. The Company for the build of your Reception Desk

The fourth and final aspect that can affect the price of your Reception Desk is of course the Company you decide to go with. Although what each company does is the same, each company is different in the systems and values they have and use.

In each market there are of course many different competitors that can offer you the same service. Especially in the manufactured joinery industry… Some companies are better than others, some can be more customer oriented and some can have a higher quality standard. Your aim is to find a company that is good at both.

Each business will offer different rates at which they charge hourly (most will charge hourly as its more efficient than charging daily) and will take different margins.

Although choosing a joinery manufacturer to do your project is a big decision, the business’s values themselves won’t affect the price of your product. Some businesses will support charities where a percentage of your project cost goes towards, but that should be inclusive in their price of the service they are offering.

Corian White Reception Desk in Pattern

What to do next?

Now that you’ve taken all these on board, you’re that little bit closer to getting the Reception Desk you deserve. Even though there are many more questions and things you can consider before deciding on your Reception Desk, cost is always a great place to start.

The whole point of considering these before you start your journey is so you don’t have any regrets down the road about the decisions you’ve made. Instead you’ll be happier because you spent the time at the beginning to really figure out what you want.

If you feel like having a conversation with an expert who can assist you give us a phone and we will do our best to help. You can find our contact details here.

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Danielle Walton