Who Are The Best Bespoke Manufactured Joinery Companies in Edinburgh? (Best)


Who Are The Best Bespoke Manufactured Joinery Companies in Edinburgh? (Best)

Dave Drimmie

Colinton Furniture Bespoke Manufactured Joinery Edinburgh

Each year, we at Colinton Furniture meet with well over 100 Interior Designers and Private Clients from the Edinburgh area regarding their Bespoke Manufactured Joinery. And it’s not because they know we have been around as a company for over 130 years.  It’s because they trust our judgement on all things “bespoke manufactured joinery”.

As a result this is why we have so many people referred to us. And Every so often we will be asked for the names of some of the other bespoke manufactured joinery companies in the Edinburgh area.

Never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest with respect to our competition. And wanting our customers to be as informed as possible. Here is a short list of the companies who have their own bespoke manufactured joinery workshops and a strong pedigree for quality workmanship in the Edinburgh area.

Four Bespoke Manufactured Joinery Companies In Edinburgh We Recommend Checking Out

1. Laurence McIntosh

Laurence McIntosh have been around for over 30 years and have a terrific track record. Based in Duddingston / Peffermill in Edinburgh. Therefore they are pretty central.

They specialise in handcrafted bespoke manufactured joinery for country houses and stunning modern family homes. In addition they also install their manufactured joinery products in commercial businesses.

2. Charles Taylor Woodwork

Charles Taylor Woodwork was founded in 1985. So have just over 30 years experience in the trade. Yet they are certainly one of the best resourced smaller bespoke manufactured joinery specialists. This company is based in Dalkeith, just south of Edinburgh.

From Cabinet Making to Architectural Joinery their team has an absolute commitment to quality from start to finish. And with a small but efficient 7,000 square foot workshop with production/finishing capabilities. They have a small and dedicated team of skilled craftsmen who are all in-house. So whether its commercial or domestic we know that they would do a good job.

3. SJS Property Services

Located in Musselburgh, SJS Property Services are the bespoke manufactured joinery offshoot of the Sharkey Group who have been around for over 40 years.

Their workshop focus is on commercial manufactured joinery projects.  They have installed hundreds of custom made reception desks and other bespoke manufactured joinery products in fit out projects in the Edinburgh area over the last four decades. Their main focus is on full office fit out and refurbishment projects.  And they offer bespoke manufactured joinery as part of this service.

4. Sharkey Group

Sharkey Group, the parent of SJS Property Services. Founded by George Sharkey, Sharkey Group has grown and developed over 4 decades. And it is now known as a leading construction services provider.

Known for large scale Office Fit Out and refurbishment projects. It is in fact SJS who manufacture the bespoke joinery products for Sharkey in Edinburgh. So if your project is in the Edinburgh area it will actually be SJS who carry out the work. However they are both great companies following the same values so there wont be much of a difference.

Sadly these are the only companies in Edinburgh we feel comfortable recommending. While there are other smaller companies however they don’t have a dedicated workshop or machinery with time served craftsmen to produce high quality products for you.

Therefore these are the companies to consider if you’re getting quotes for your custom made bespoke manufactured joinery project in Edinburgh.


What To Do Next…?

Choosing where to have your bespoke manufactured joinery made is a little like choosing a tailor to make you a custom made suit.

The first thing we suggest you do is to contact the company and arrange a visit to meet the owner. As well as that ask for a tour of their workshops, look round, and get a feel for the people who work there.

You need to feel confident in yourself that the company you choose will understand exactly what you are looking for and ideally show you examples of similar work they have manufactured in the past for clients like you.

After all you are going to be spending a big chunk of your hard earned cash….

So you want to know the people who you are dealing with. Ideally you should try to meet some of their craftsmen. And you will definitely want to meet their in-house designer and workshop manager who will be bringing your ideas to life.

We also thought you may like to take a look at some of these great resources:
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Want to visit our Bespoke Manufactured Joinery Workshop?

Finally, we thought you’d like to know about our Workshop Visit…

We enjoy inviting people to come and visit the workshop because they have an opportunity to see everything from a “skeleton” structure of a new project all the way through to seeing French Polishing in our spray shop.

So if you come and visit our workshop you can experience for yourself how custom made joinery is built. Instead of basing this huge decision on a piece of paper or computer screen. And because it’s only a 25 minutes from the centre of Edinburgh, it’s easy to reach and almost everyone finds it worth the trip.

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